Oman: ROP bust vehicle-smuggling operation, arrest 11 suspects

Merge 104.8  |  30 June 2020

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) have announced the arrest of 11 alleged suspects involved in a vehicle-smuggling operation in the Sultanate.

In a statement announced online today [Tuesday, June 30], the ROP said: “Police in Muscat Governorate have arrested 11 people, including four citizens, on charges of fraud, and retrieved 21 vehicles that were on the way to being smuggled out of the Sultanate. Legal procedures are being completed against the accused.”

In its statement, the ROP also called upon members of the public to be wary of becoming a victim of fraud, and to avoid being drawn into fictional promises or incentives used by fraudsters to persuade victims to invest with them “in order to seize their money and their vehicles.”

The ROP has stressed the importance of promptly reporting any suspicious actions of suspected fake companies to the relevant authorities.

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