Oman Airports releases journey guidelines for travelers in airport startup plan

Merge 104.8  |  27 June 2020

Oman Airports has released journey mapping guidelines for passengers as part of its startup plan for a phased re-opening of airports in the Sultanate once given the approval by Oman’s Supreme Committee for COVID-19.

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The guidelines for travelers, entitled ‘Your Health is Our Priority’ outlines precautionary health and safety measures passengers must follow before travel and upon arrival, as well as general guidelines in an effort to help contain the spread of COVID-19.

Some of the main guidelines are as follows:

Prior to Travel

— Check-in online and use E-tickets.
— One piece of hand luggage is allowed on-board.
— Arrive at the airport 3 to 4 hours before departure.
— Don’t travel if you’re exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.
— Wearing a mask is a must for passengers for the entire time they’re at the airport.
— Only passengers are allowed inside the terminal.
— Check with the airline for any required documents necessary for travel.

Hygiene and Sanitization

— Airport facilities and surfaces are frequently cleaned and sanitized.
— Refrain from entering any areas that are undergoing sanitization.
— Wash your hand for 20 seconds.
— Hand sanitizers are provided across the terminal facilities.
— Minimize touching surfaces in the airport.
— All trolleys, trays, and other equipment are disinfected.
— Dispose face masks and gloves in dedicated trash cans.
— Some facilities are closed at the airport.

Contactless Services

— Online check-in.
— Self service kiosk
— Baggage drop
— Passenger boarding system 
— Contactless payment 

Car Park & Forecourt Access

— Use short-term parking for a quick access.
— Body temperature of 38°C or higher to be directed to the medical facility.
— If COVID-19 symptoms are present, then the passenger would not permitted to continue their journey.
— PPE is available for purchase at the airport.

Security and Emigration

— Sanitize your hands after any documents are exchanged.
— E-gates will not be operational at this time.
— Place all items in the trays to avoid manual security search. 
— Avoid carrying any prohibited items to avoid manual search.

Restaurants, cafes, and shopping areas

— No-return policy is implemented.
— Some retail areas are closed until further notice.
— Seating is reduced in restaurants.
— Special measures are implemented across food and beverage outlets.

Physical Distancing

— Maintain a social distance of 2 metres at all times.
— Protective screens are installed throughout the airport.

Boarding & Deboarding

— Row boarding and disembarkation are implemented.
— Follow the instructions of ground staff and crew at all times.

Seating & Waiting Areas

— Maintain distancing while seating.

In addition, there are guidelines for travelers who are arriving:

Covid-19 Temperature Screening Process

If COVID-19 symptoms are shown, passengers will be guided to the airport’s clinic for further testing and other necessary actions.


— Sanitize your hands if documents are exchanged. 
— E-gates will not be operational at this time.

Baggage Reclaim

— Maintain social distancing while collecting your luggage.


— Avoid carrying any customs-prohibited items.

Exit & Transportation

— No meet-ers and greeters are allowed at the airport. 
— Rental cars are sanitized before each rental.
— Airport taxis are not operational at this time.

Source: Virgin Radio Oman

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