ISFU: Oman to plan part-time, temporary work initiative for Omanis, expats

Merge 104.8  |  29 June 2020

Finding short-term work solutions for Omani citizens and expatriate residents in the Sultanate could soon become a reality as Oman aims to roll out a plan to simplify access to part-time and temporary work for job-seekers in the country.

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As per the Implementation, Support and Follow-up Unit’s (ISFU) 2019 annual report, the plan — found on page 118 of the report — comes amid a desire to enable more flexible movement of labour in the country.

The ISFU, which falls under Tanfeedh’s plan for economic diversification in Oman, said in the report:

“This initiative aims to provide part-time work opportunities in the
private sector for Omani employees and job-seekers, to stimulate
an environment that creates part-time job opportunities, in
addition to enhancing the flexibility of non-Omani workforce
movement among establishments registered under the same
entity. It also aims to allow the recruitment of non-Omani workforce
with temporary licenses in some specialized professions.”

The ISFU said it aims to reach “3,500 contracts registered for part-time jobs” facilitated by the completion in 2019 of an electronic system for “registering part-time work contracts, requests for temporary contracts, and recording workforce mobility.”

As per the ISFU, stakeholders in the initiative are the Ministry of Manpower, the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ministries of Education and Higher Education, and Sultan Qaboos University, along with the private sector.

Source: ISFU 2019 Annual Report

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