COVID-19 cases in Oman cross 40,000, 70% of Tuesday’s new cases among Omanis

Merge 104.8  |  30 June 2020

As Oman records 1,010 new COVID-19 cases today [Tuesday, June 30] 430 of them have been registered in Muscat Governorate.

With the total number of coronavirus cases in the country now standing at 40,070 the number of cases in the capital has now reached 26,335. Of the 1,010 new cases announced today, 70 per cent are among Omani citizens.

As of today, the Wilayat of Al Seeb now has 9,318 total cases with 203 new cases registered on June 30, followed by the Wilayats of Bousher with 99 new cases (total 7,313), Muttrah with 61 new cases today (total 7,135), and Al Amerat with 31 new cases (total 1,530).

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Authorities at the MoH have confirmed that COVID-19 recoveries in the Sultanate have also risen to 23,425 — more than half the national total of cases — with 1,003 new recoveries announced today. Seven new fatalities have also brought the total number of COVID-19 deaths in the Sultanate to 176.

As per inferences from the latest data on the Tarassud Plus app — Oman’s intuitive mobile app that tracks COVID-19 cases in the country per governorate and by Wilayat — the full breakdown of cases in Muscat Governorate from today [Tuesday, June 30] are as follows:

Wilayat of Seeb
9,318 confirmed cases
4,187 sick
5,088 recovered
43 deaths

Wilayat of Muttrah
7,135 confirmed cases
1,853 sick
5,243 recovered
39 deaths

Wilayat of Bausher
7,313 confirmed cases
3,380 sick
3,912 recovered
21 deaths

Wilayat of Al Amerat
1,530 confirmed cases
668 sick
854 recovered
8 deaths

Wilayat of Muscat
704 confirmed cases
31 sick
669 recovered
4 deaths

Wilayat of Qurayyat
335 confirmed cases
195 sick
140 recovered
0 deaths