Trending Top Three Sept 11th

Merge 104.8  |  11 September 2023

New research out today shows that women sleeping with dogs have better sleep compared to those with cats or their partners. It was found that dogs in bed were less disruptive and give a heightened sense of comfort and security. It also revealed that dog owners follow earlier sleep schedules than those with only cats.


Brian May from the rock group Queen has issued a statement saying that an auction of more than 1,400 of Freddie Mercury’s personal possessions sold off, was “too sad” to think about. The auction was held last week and saw handwritten lyrics for some of Queen’s most famous songs, jewellery worn by Freddie, and his collection of artwork being put up for sale.


Scientists say they have discovered a rare planet that is twice the size of Earth and covered by oceans. It’s just one of more than 5,000 exoplanets that we know about after the first one was discovered almost 30 years ago. This new planet was found 245 light-years away by NASA’s telescope, TESS. Orbiting a star only slightly smaller than our Sun, experts say it could prove key to our understanding how planets were formed.