The Ultimate Indoor Sporting Experience is Launching in Oman Soon!

Merge 104.8  |  09 July 2024

A fun new indoor sports initiative, called Sports Spark, will launch at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre (OCEC) on July 25th. This ground-breaking programme, which will last until August 24th, aims to address various health challenges by promoting holistic health, fitness, and community engagement through a wide array of sports and activities.


Sports Spark will include a variety of indoor sports such as football, badminton, basketball, table tennis, padel, volleyball, and ninja training, among others.


For the younger crowd, the Summer Camp for children aged 6 to 14 is a highlight, blending fun with educational experiences to ensure a productive and active summer break.


Corporate team-building games and professional coaching are also included in the program, enhancing teamwork and morale among employees. Participants will have the unique opportunity to meet reputed players and coaches, fostering a pathway for aspiring sports professionals.


The facility also allows for court and ground rentals, making it accessible for private events and training sessions.


Eng. Said Al Shanfari, CEO of the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, commented on the upcoming initiative: “Once again, OCEC is pushing boundaries and transforming our venue into a year-round hub with the Sports Spark event. We’re delighted to open our air-conditioned exhibition halls to the local community, offering a variety of sports activities. Sports Spark is not just a family and corporate entertainment event; it highlights OCEC’s commitment to fostering a healthy, active lifestyle and community well-being throughout the summer. A special thanks to Sabco Sports for partnering with us and helping turn this vision into reality.”


Mr. Ali Al Ajmi, General Manager of Sabco Sports, added: “Sports Spark is transforming the lifestyle of people in Oman. We are confident that this initiative will make people fit, healthy, and happy. The programme not only addresses physical health but also creates a platform for social interaction and community building.”


Looking ahead, there are plans to expand the range of activities and facilities, introduce new training programmes, and host larger-scale events that will attract participants from across the region. This ongoing development ensures that the initiative will continue to be a central hub for sports and community engagement in Oman.


Head to the OCEC to experience the excitement and benefits of this indoor sports initiative, where every day is a celebration of sports, health, and community.


For more information, visit website or call 7900 6052.