About Us

Take the rich Omani history and merge it with its modern society, the result you get is Merge 104.8 – the best of both. Oman’s feel-good radio station and a part of SABCO Media. We know where we come from and where we want to go. Tune in to the mix and we’ll take you on a musical journey!

We know who you are

You’re Omani and yes, you speak English. It means that you are wise in the ways of the world. You’re just as proud as any Omani that stands alongside you. The difference is that you can feel the change in the air – because you’re part of it. You embrace it, because you know that the way forward is to explore what’s new and preserve what’s vintage.

Looking good

If you’ve wondered why we look the way we do, here’s a bit of an insight for you:
Inspired from Arabic calligraphy, our logo uses an Arabic alphabet look and feel, but writes the word “Merge” in English. The “g” also doubles as the Arabic “jeem” – it literally merges cultures. It reflects you, the Omani youth, and your dream of progress while staying true to your heritage.

We are just like you

Bold, Confident, We know our time has come. To merge the best of all cultures and create something new. That’s why we’re called “Merge”, and that’s why we’re the radio station you have been waiting for.

Let’s celebrate

Let’s celebrate the mix of cultures. Let’s be open to new ideas while staying true to our local customs. Let’s take the best of both worlds and create something exciting, and let’s stay excited about venturing together every day.