Vodafone Oman Celebrates One Year of Record-breaking Accomplishments!

Merge 104.8  |  15 March 2023

 Vodafone Oman celebrated its one-year anniversary in the country in a press conference that was held at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center today, and it announced plans to expand its 5G coverage to more areas across the country.

The telecom operator is the third one in the Sultanate, and during the conference, the company’s CEO announced future plane, which includes expanding its 5G coverage to include 60% of Oman’s population, up from the current 40%. 

Vodafone also plans to expand its offerings and services and it intends to invest in strengthening its retail network across the Sultanate by increasing its outlets and e-shops along with its growing network of distributors. 

Since it launched one year ago, Vodafone Oman has operated in the Sultanate as a 100% digital telecom company, with a 5G network based on an integrated cloud infrastructure and it has built partnerships with a number of local SMEs.

The company’s achievements include being the first telecom provider to equip Muscat International Airport with 5G coverage, making it one of the few airports in the world that provides the latest internal 5G. Vodafone Oman also made the first voice call using the independent 5G network, which will pave the way for others in the Omani market to incorporate this service.

Vodafone Oman achieved 96% of its estimated subscriber base target in 2022, and it ended the year with more than 450,000 subscribers, which is around 7% of the market share, compared to its original goal of 5%.

The company also developed an app that allows subscribers to complete most of their transactions online, including registration, automatic payment operations, replacing electronic chips and even unsubscribing. All these features helped make the Vodafone Oman app the only communication application that has 100% penetration in the market.

Bader Al-Zaidi, CEO, Vodafone Oman, said: “We are proud of what we have achieved today and we renew our promise to Oman to enhance its digital capabilities and accelerate the growth of the telecom sector in order to achieve the goals that are in line with Oman Vision 2040. It has truly been a journey full of accomplishments, but this is only the beginning and we have bigger plans through which we will continue to bring the latest and most innovative digital solutions to Oman.”