Two major new roads planned for Oman.

Merge 104.8  |  20 February 2020

Two major new roads planned for Oman: At a press conference held this morning, Oman’s Minister of Transport, Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al Futaisi, signed agreements for two major new road infrastructure projects in Oman.

Two major new roads planned

Two major new roads planned for Oman:  The first agreement will see the expansion and development of the Rusayl/Bid Bid route from Muscat Expressway. The current two-lane road from the Muscat Expressway towards Bid Bid will be expanded to accommodate two extra lanes, turning it into a four-lane thoroughfare, with work on the project set to be completed in three years’ time.

The second agreement approved by the Ministry is a contracted project to add a greater number of intersections along the Batinah Expressway, improving access for a greater number of villages along the route to be connected the Expressway.

Both projects are slated to cost a combined total of RO165 million.

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