Trending Top Three Sept 13th

Merge 104.8  |  13 September 2023

Experts have described the new iPhone 15 range as the ‘biggest update to the device in three years’ with Apple saying the phone will have an ‘all-day battery life’. As expected, they will switch to USB-C charging from its Lightning charging cable with the new devices, marking a milestone for the company by adopting universal charging. Built exclusively for the Pro lineup, it comes with a 48MP main camera.


India has unveiled its first manned deep-sea vehicle that is capable of carrying three people up to 6 kilometers underwater. The design has been influenced by Oceangate’s Titan which recently made the news. The titanium-made submersible is expected to be ready by 2026 with India’s Earth Sciences Minister offering assurances the mission won’t harm the ocean life or environment.


Shah Rukh Khan’s new movie Jawan is performing well after making more than $69m at the worldwide box office. The film has shattered almost all initial records for a Hindi-origin film and still continues to do so. In India the film went on to witness the biggest opening day in the history of Hindi cinema.