Trending Top Three Sept 12th

Merge 104.8  |  12 September 2023

Scientists say the moon is slowly drifting away from earth and is having an impact on time. A new study indicates the Moon is now migrating away from Earth and our planet’s axis is beginning to slow down. Research has discovered that the Moon is drifting 3.82 centimetres every year. There’s no need to be concerned about longer days though as it will take 200 million years for one day to become 25 hours.


It has been rumoured that a new Home Alone movie starring Macaulay Culkin is in the works. There’s no news on whether his character will be the one setting the traps this time around, but he is returning to the franchise. There has been no announcement, but Disney could be keeping this information a secret for now, until everything is fully confirmed.


Ed Sheeran has left a bride and groom speechless after he crashed their wedding to serenade them with one of his new tracks. He posted footage of the moment he and a group of backup singers walked down the aisle to surprise the lucky couple just before they tied the knot in Las Vegas. Ed Sheeran was seen signing the couple’s marriage license and revealed it’s the first time he’s ever been a witness.