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Merge 104.8  |  27 July 2023

Kylian Mbappé has apparently turned down a $776 million offer from Al Hilal to play in Saudi Arabia for one year. Sources say he might have his eyes set elsewhere. PSG thinks he has already agreed to terms on a deal with Real Madrid.


A former US Intelligence Agent has testified under oath, confirming alien existence through UFO sightings and recovery of non-human aircraft with biological remains. During his testimony, he also revealed the US government’s possession of off-world non-human bodies and even disclosed crashed UFOs with non-human biological pilots.


PR experts are predicting that Kevin Spacey will be able to start his Hollywood comeback after being cleared yesterday of multiple allegations of abuse. Six years ago he lost major roles — and was forced to pay bosses millions of dollars when he was ditched by bosses at Netflix. Now his name has been cleared, this gives him a chance to take some time away from the limelight to prepare for a big comeback.