Trending Top Three Jul 26th

Merge 104.8  |  26 July 2023

Pictures of a life sized leopard made out of chocolate have gone viral. It was created by a pastry chef who also filmed it being made. He takes you through each step of the process – from the main body to the paws, leg muscles, tail and the face. Once the main sculpture is ready, he carefully sprays it with colour to bring the animal’s distinctive spots to life.

Taylor Swift is reportedly in talks to discuss the development of a new TV show. According to insiders, her previous relationships have inspired some of her biggest songs which translates easily on to the screen. For now though the storyline remains under wraps.


Britney Spears has delayed the release date of her new memoir, The Woman In Me. Apparently there’s concern about possible litigation from Justin Timberlake and Colin Farrell as parts of the book were reported to include claims about each of them. Britney now needs to make a difficult decision about how she wants to proceed with publication.