Trending Top Three Jul 25th

Merge 104.8  |  25 July 2023

Netflix have confirmed that Extraction 3 starring Chris Hemsworth is in the works. The first two movies see Chris play the role of Tyler Rake as a black ops mercenary. In the first film, he takes on a mission to save an Indian crime lord’s son, but it pushes him to the brink of death. The second movie picks up with him recovering from the assignment, but then he decides to take on another risky task.


TikTok have said they are working on text-only posts, becoming the latest social media platform to offer an alternative to Twitter. TikTok will benefits from its size, with around 1.4 billion monthly active users, but unlike Threads, it will integrate its new text-only feature into its app rather than launch a separate product.


118 new emoji’s could be coming to your mobile device this year. Some of the new characters up for approval include a lime, heads that are shaking vertically and horizontally, and a phoenix bird. Aside from these characters, new directional versions of six different types of person emoji could also be introduced. Some platforms could launch these new emoji within a few months.