Trending Top Three Aug 2nd

Merge 104.8  |  02 August 2023

Pizza Hut in Malaysia have just released a new type of pizza. It’s a Hawaiian pizza with chicken, pineapple……and Coca Cola syrup drizzled on top. The two brands have combined their most loved signature products to create a distinct flavour and a new experience. Pizza Hut Malaysia say that with this unique new offering, customers can now savour both flavours in a single, mouthwatering creation.


How much exercise do you get everyday? Just four to five minutes of “vigorous physical activity” could reduce the risk of cancer significantly among people who have been inactive. Researchers from the University of Sydney say that those who took part in the study had a 32% reduced risk of “physical activity-related cancer incidence” — including kidney, bladder, stomach and lung cancers.


Nintendo’s next-generation console could come as soon as next year. According to sources, the new console could feature a cheaper LCD screen and continue to include a cartridge slot for loading games. It has been reported that development on the new console has been “progressing well.”