The Motor Vehicle Insurance Law Was Amended

Merge 104.8  |  22 August 2021

Amendments were made to some provisions of the Motor Vehicle Insurance Law in Clause (C) of Article 15.

This is the new clause that was issued – “If the driver of the vehicle does not have a driver’s license for the type of vehicle, or if it has been judicially or administratively withdrawn from it, or if he is under the influence of intoxicating, narcotic or psychotropic substances.”

The clause above came to replace the clause that was issued by Royal Decree 39/40 which states –“ If the driver of the vehicle, whether the insured or another person who drives it with his consent, does not have a valid driving license for the type of vehicle – without having been stripped of it or withdrawn from it by virtue of an order issued by the competent authorities – or if he is under the influence of an intoxicant or a drug.”

According to the Capital Market Authority, the rights of the insurance policy holder will not be affected if he/she holds an expired driver’s license, as not renewing the license “is considered a violation of a procedural order that a person is punished under the Traffic Law.”