The Buzz : Everything You Need To Know Today Sept 30th

Merge 104.8  |  30 September 2021

Early reviews for the new James Bond movie No Time To Die are in, and they paint a positive picture of Daniel Craig’s final outing as 007. The movie was delayed numerous times over the course of the pandemic, but it’s now finally available to watch in Oman from today. Critics have praised the movie for the action, the effects and stunts.


Would you want to live to be 130? Scientists are predicting that it will be possible within this century. The longest-lived person so far is a woman in France who died aged 122. But now a new study says that it might soon be possible to outlive that record. With life expectancy still likely to increase over the years, despite Covid, and improvements in healthcare and lifestyle, the study suggest someone may reach their 130th birthday.


Scientists in Canada have developed unbreakable glass that is five times more resistant to fractures than standard glass – and it could finally put an end to cracked screens on smartphones. The glass and acrylic composite material offers a combination of strength, toughness and transparency. Even though it’s glass, the new material is similar to plastic and doesn’t shatter on impact. It’s not yet known if it will be mass produced.

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