The Buzz : Everything You Need To Know Today Oct 6th

Merge 104.8  |  06 October 2021

Universal Pictures have said that the latest James Bond movie No Time To Die took a mighty $121 million at the international box office over its opening weekend. Universal said that the film grossed $121 million without being shown in China, the world’s biggest film market. It also hasn’t yet opened in North America. The movie get’s its U.S. and Canada premiere on Friday exclusively in cinemas.


One of the biggest shows on Netflix at the moment is called Squid Game, but some scenes have been removed from the show after it was revealed that in some of the shots accidentally show a real person’s phone number. Most films and TV shows use fake numbers within their productions, but the makers of Squid Game accidentally used a real one. The owner of the phone number has said that he was inundated with phone calls morning, day and night.


Hollywood could be grinding to a halt this weekend. More than 60,000 movie and backstage workers are taking part in a strike over low pay and long working hours. Employees in Hollywood are fed-up with low salaries and long workdays that have got worse since returning to work after the pandemic. They are seeking stricter penalties for missed meal breaks, more substantial rest periods, and greater compensation for streaming projects and weekend assignments.

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