The Buzz : Everything You Need To Know Today Oct 5th

Merge 104.8  |  05 October 2021

WhatsApp is going to be blocked from millions of smartphones form next month with users being warned to update their software. From November 1st it won’t work on Android phones running OS 4.0.4 and older, and for iPhones it requires iOS 10 or newer. Users of Android and Apple devices have been warned to upgrade their devices or update their software.


The Walt Disney Co and Scarlett Johansson have reached a settlement in her lawsuit over the streaming of Black Widow. She accused Disney of breaching her contract when it offered the film on its streaming service at the same time as it was released at the cinema. Her earnings are based partly on box office takings and, when filing the lawsuit a few months back, she said the movie had been intended for initial release exclusively in cinemas.


A new piece of malware has infected over 10 million Android devices in more than 70 countries. Once installed, the user will receive pop-ups and notifications for special offers and prizes. If any of them are tapped, they are asked to enter their phone number to get the offer or prize. In doing so, they are unknowingly signed up for a premium rate SMS service.

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