The Buzz : Everything You Need To Know Today Oct 14th

Merge 104.8  |  14 October 2021

Squid Game is now the biggest original series of all time on Netflix. New figures show that more than 111 million Netflix households watched the show in the first 28 days after its release on September 17th. The South Korean series has hit number one on Netflix’s daily “Top 10” lists in 90 countries following its debut.


Pink is top of a list of the most played female artists in the 21st century. This is according to a chart compiled by a music licensing company. Madonna was second followed by Katy Perry then Rihanna and Lady Gaga ranking fourth and fifth. The chart was compiled from music usage and airplay data from radio stations and television channels.


Nintendo is releasing its new model of Nintendo Switch. This is the handheld games console that is also a traditional TV plug in. It features a whole new OLED screen that’s brighter, bigger, and clearer than the original model that launched four years ago. Nintendo has also added a Bluetooth audio function, which finally allowing gamers on the move to connect their wireless headphones.


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