The Buzz : Everything You Need To Know Today Oct 13th

Merge 104.8  |  13 October 2021

Apple has released another update for iOS 15 – less than a couple of weeks after release the first update. This fixes a widely known bug that was causing photos saved to the Photo Library from Messages to disappear. Apple has also fixed a problem that was causing Apple CarPlay to fail to open audio apps or disconnect during playback.


The former host of Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson has become the victim of a hoax after a claim started trending on Twitter that he had died. Fans were left concerned and confused when the hashtag #RIPJeremyClarkson started appearing on Monday night. This isn’t the first time rumours of his death have appeared online. Last year, someone edited his Wikipedia page to state he had passed away.


Twitter is rolling out a new feature that lets users remove a follower without blocking them. It’s designed to provide users greater control over their follower lists and is currently available on the Web version. When a Twitter user is removed they won’t be notified of the change, but can re-follow again.

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