The Buzz : Everything You Need To Know Today Nov 24th

Merge 104.8  |  24 November 2021

Priyanka Chopra has denied rumours she is divorcing Nick Jonas after three years of marriage. Fans noticed that she removed his last name from her Instagram bio, and fans have wondering whether have decided to call it quits. Priyanka has denied this and pointed out that she also removed her last name, “Chopra,” from her Instagram bio. She said the reason was she is just re-branding herself.


Kevin Spacey and two of his production companies have been ordered to pay $31 million to producers of the series “House of Cards”, four years after Spacey was first suspended over harassment allegations on set. Because of that, his character Frank Underwood was written off and a final season of the show was scrapped. A claim was filed against the actor two years ago to cover the costs of having to re-do work on season 6 following the allegations.


Adele’s new album 30 has already become the highest-selling album of 2021 in the US. New data reveals that it sold more than 500,000 copies in just three days. Music experts predict it will most likely finish the week as the #1 album on the Billboard 200 album chart, giving Adele her third #1 album.

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