The Buzz : Everything You Need To Know Today Nov 21st

Merge 104.8  |  21 November 2021

Dwayne Johnson has tossed his name into the ring and wants to be considered to play the next James Bond. Rumours have been flying around for months about who the next 007 might be. But, it seems the James Bond franchise owners are comfortable taking their time. Meanwhile, Idris Alba is rumoured to be playing a villain in the next movie. Movies bosses have said there is a role in the next movie for him, if he wants it.


Newly-uncovered footage has appeared online that shows Ed Sheeran playing a gig in somebody’s back garden before he became famous. It was filmed in 2009 with Ed performing in front of just 8 people. The discovery came about when one of the home owners neighbours was going through some old files and uploaded it to the internet.


Twitter has started to roll out its tipping feature that allows users to send money to their favourite content creators to Android devices. The Tip Jar functionality was added to iOS devices earlier this year to let creators, journalists, and nonprofits monetise their tweets in the form of tips. Twitter said the “Tips” feature is geared toward users looking to get a little financial support from their followers.

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