The Buzz : Everything You Need To Know Today May 2nd

Merge 104.8  |  02 May 2023

A new study suggests that voice notes are the new way to communicate. The research show that sending audio is more personal than an SMS, and many people prefer short recordings over calls, which can trigger anxiety. Several studies have shown that people feel more socially bonded when communicating through a voice message rather than a phone call.


Sir Elton John says he ‘may perform an occasional show’ after retiring following his Goodbye Yellow Brick Road tour. Even though he confirmed he won’t be going on tour again’ after his final show in July, he might still perform on stage now and again but won’t be doing a full tour.


Rihanna has become the most followed female on Twitter. She just overtaken Katy Perry and is now followed by more than 108 million people. Her follower count was boosted three weeks ago after she posted adorable pictures of her 11 month old son which went viral.