The Buzz : Everything You Need To Know Today May 18th

Merge 104.8  |  18 May 2022

A brand new trailer for the new Top Gun movie has highlighted Tom Cruise’s return as Maverick. With only one week to go before the movie gets released, Paramount is continuing its marketing efforts to keep up the hype. In the new promotional spot, Tom Cruise takes centre stage as he returns to the character he played back in 1986. The highly-anticipated sequel is finally released in Oman on May 26th.


WhatsApp could be introducing a way to let users silently leave their groups — without letting other members know they’ve gone. This would make it easier for people to leave unwanted groups which they were earlier hesitating to leave as other members would be able to see they have left. At the moment, when somebody leaves a group everybody can see they are no longer in the chat but that could be about to change.


Elon Musk has repeated his claim that fake and spam accounts could make up more than 20% of Twitter’s users. He also added that his deal to acquire Twitter “cannot move forward” until they can prove the accuracy of their much lower estimate of less than 5%. There’s been speculation that Elon Musk is using the discussion of the number of fake Twitter accounts as a tactic to negotiate a lower acquisition price.

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