The Buzz : Everything You Need To Know Today Mar 30th

Merge 104.8  |  30 March 2023

Lionsgate isn’t ready to say goodbye to the John Wick franchise just yet. The team behind the new movie say that they are thrilled that the fourth John Wick is a success at the box office and there are currently no plans to bring Keanu Reeves or the franchise to an end. It has been reported that Lionsgate is officially considering a John Wick 5.


Pepsi have unveiled a new logo and branding that rolls out globally next year. It looks similar to their logo from the 90s, but with new elements to make it look more modern and more confident. The word Pepsi will be written in capital letters with a different font and a different colour and becomes the first logo refresh in 15 years.


A huge hole that is 20 times larger than Earth has ripped through the sun. This is the second to appear in one week. Experts say the gaping hole is unleashing 1.8million mile-per-hour solar winds towards our planet, which will impact us tomorrow. Scientists say they are closely monitoring the situation to see if the winds will impact the Earth’s magnetic field, satellites and technology.