The Buzz : Everything You Need To Know Today Mar 29th

Merge 104.8  |  29 March 2023

A new TV show hosted by Gordon Ramsay has been axed after just one series. The show followed 12 aspiring chefs battling it out to be crowned champion. But now according to producers the show won’t be back after a ‘ratings flop’ as well as the show being too expensive to make. One source said that Gordon is highly competitive and is upset the series wasn’t given a second run.


Demi Lovato has been busy in the studio and has just re-recorded one of her biggest songs. She has just released a rock version of her song “Heart Attack” from 2013. Demi also shared that she feels the song means more to her now, 10 years later.


Box office earnings for John Wick: Chapter 4 have broken a franchise record with more than $73m in ticket sales in North America. The movies are built around an assassin played by Keanu Reeves, which has shown dramatic growth with each consecutive sequel. It’s one of the rare original movie franchises to keep growing and improving upon the last, in terms of ticket sales.