The Buzz : Everything You Need To Know Today Jun 21st

Merge 104.8  |  21 June 2022

The International Air Transport Association say that air passengers are expected to hit 83% of pre-pandemic levels this year and the aviation industry’s return to profit is “within reach” next year. They added that people are now starting to fly in ever greater numbers, and and cargo is also performing well against a backdrop of growing economic uncertainty.


WhatsApp has rolled out a new privacy setting that allows users to hide their ‘profile photos,’ and ‘last seen status,’ from specific people in their contact lists. It started with a test in a number of countries last year, but now the company has announced it will finally be released worldwide for iOS and Android devices.


The new Chris Hemsworth Netflix movie Spiderhead has become one of his worst rated movies of all time. Released earlier this month, there was plenty of hype surrounding the chilling sci-fi thriller, but the reviews don’t make for great reading. The plot involves a penitentiary that doesn’t require any bars, as the inmates are controlled with surgically implanted devices. Critics say that this is one of those movies that’s forgotten almost as soon as it ends

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