The Buzz : Everything You Need To Know Today Jan 24th

Merge 104.8  |  24 January 2023

Dwayne Johnson has denied reports that he tried to take over the DC Universe in a tense meeting with bosses. It was recently reported that he had proposed a 10-year plan for the franchise, a claim he says is false. It was also announced late last year there will be no sequel to Black Adam, as the franchise is currently undergoing a massive shakeup.


James Cameron has made history as only director to have three films top $2 billion at the worldwide box office after Avatar: The Way Of Water becomes the ‘sixth highest-grossing film of all time’. His other two films in the list include the original Avatar from 2009 and Titanic from 1997.


A radio signal from a galaxy almost 9billion light-years away from Earth has been captured by scientists. Researchers in Canada and India were able to capture the signal with the help of a giant telescope in India, It wasn’t a message sent by aliens but instead came from the star-forming galaxy emitted when the universe was just 4.9billion years old.