The Buzz : Everything You Need To Know Today Feb 22nd

Merge 104.8  |  22 February 2021

Justin Bieber has taken delivery of his new car – a one of a kind custom made Rolls Royce that took three years to build. It features a slick, futuristic silver body along with a state of the art sound system and wheel covers that make the car look like it is hovering. The car normally sells for $330,000 but it becomes even more expensive if owners want it customised.


Yesterday we mentioned that John Travolta has put his $5 million mansion up for sale. Today. it’s Robbie Williams who is selling off property. He has reportedly put his ‘haunted’ mansion in the UK up for sale as he plans a move to Switzerland with his wife and four children. It sits on 75 acres of land, has its own tennis court, swimming pool, football pitch, as well as a helicopter pad.


WhatsApp is planning to re-introduce an updated privacy policy that ignited a massive backlash recently. They also said they will provide more information about the changes before requiring users to agree to the new terms. The policy is the same one they introduced last month which was later postponed following the backlash. A WhatsApp spokesperson confirmed that users will have to agree to the new terms by May 15th, when the new policy goes into effect.