The Buzz : Everything You Need To Know Today Feb 16th

Merge 104.8  |  16 February 2021

New images have been leaked online of the iPhone 13. Some of the features will include an always-on display along with the ability to persistently show the clock and battery icons. Some recent reports also suggested that instead of calling the iPhone 13, the new lineup could be called the iPhone 12S. Apple hasn’t made any confirmations yet.


TV talent show host Simon Cowell has tightened up security at his mansion over fears gangs could target him. He wants to secure a secret “blind spot” back entrance and comes after his previous house in West London was raided whilst he was sleeping. Noe he doesn’t want to take any chances and planning permission to carry out the security measures was approved last month.


Following last weeks news that The Jungle Book is getting a remake, another vintage movie is also being remade. A musical from the 50s called The King & I is getting a modern update. It had had previously been adapted in various forms including a live-action feature in 1986, a TV series in the 70s, and an animated movie in 1999. Paramount is gearing up to remake the movie again. The plan is to update the musical for 2021 to reflect the historical and cultural changes of the modern era.