The Buzz : Everything You Need To Know Today Aug 18th

Merge 104.8  |  18 August 2021

Nickelback are facing a copyright lawsuit over claims they copied their 2005 song “Rockstar” from an earlier song called “Rock Star.” Songwriter Kirk Johnston has filed the lawsuit against Nickelback because he claims they copied his song which he wrote in 2001. He says that “a substantial amount of the music in ‘Rockstar’ is copied” from his song, including tempo, arrangement, orchestration, harmonic structure and lyrical themes”.


Hotel Transylvania 4 will be skipping cinemas and will be released online only according to a new report. The fourth and final movie in the family film series will stream exclusively worldwide on Amazon Prime Video. It was was originally due to be released last month, but Sony delayed it to October. Movie bosses say there isn’t enough confidence in audiences returning to the cinema yet so they say the movie will be online only.


James Bond actor Daniel Craig has revealed that his children won’t inherit his huge fortune because he plans to ‘get rid of it’ before he dies. He’s currently worth around $160 million, but he believes inheriting money is ‘distasteful’ and says he is hoping to ‘give away’ most of his millions. The new 007 movie No Time To Die finally gets released next month after a delay of almost two years.

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