The Buzz : Everything You Need To Know Today

Merge 104.8  |  30 June 2020

Cristiano Ronaldo has surprised fans by showing off his lockdown hair – which is thick and curly! He posed for a selfie with one of his Juventus team mates and posted the picture online. On his Insta he posted a picture of his extremely long and curly hair with a caption “What do you think about my look like my brother Panita ?”


Netflix’s upcoming film, Enola Holmes, which is based around Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister, is facing a lawsuit for portraying Sherlock as too nice. There haven’t been any comments from the production company and a release date for the film has yet to be announced. Fans of the detective family are surely looking forward to seeing how Sherlock is portrayed when the film is released.


Ellie Goulding is building up courage to return to touring following the Covid-19 crisis with a number of intimate gigs next yar. She’s quoted as saying that she watches her past performances and can’t believe she did that in front of lots of people. She admitted that she may struggle to perform live and that she has become shy during lockdown.