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Merge 104.8  |  01 March 2020

Meghan Markle’s decision to fly back to the UK without baby Archie is causing a headache for her security team, apparently. Her bodyguards will have to protect her in London and a separate team will need to stay in Canada to guard little Archie. Because of this, the cost of providing protection has doubled.


Major Hollywood studios have started to put together coronavirus strategy teams who’s job it is to keep employees across the world safe whilst filming. A number of major films have cancelled premieres and releases in China, such as the new 007 movie No Time to Die. Movie studios could also expect to lose billions of dollars in profit.


A dietitian has reveals how you can stop overeating at three key times of the day. Susie Burrell says those overeating times are 11:01am, 3:14pm and 9:31pm. Rather than reaching for sugar, she recommends protein-rich options. If you start getting hungry she advises us to snack on things like nuts, crackers with a savoury topping like cottage cheese or hummus, or vegetables with a dip. That should satisfy your sugar craving!