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Merge 104.8  |  28 April 2020

Hellraiser is making a return, this time in a new TV series with the project being based on the movie series. This will be separate from a reboot of the movie franchise and focuses on a group of evil beings from hell, led by the iconic Pinhead character.


Ariana Grande is getting back to her musical theater roots during the coronavirus pandemic. She performed on Monday night singing her rendition “Still Hurting” from the musical The Last Five Years. The concert was free to view, but fans were encouraged to donate what they can to help assist staff during the Broadway shutdown.


WhatsApp say that viral message forwarding is down 70% after they took steps to combat COVID-19 misinformation. Earlier this month they announced they were placing limits on the mass-forwarding of messages in an effort to stop misinformation about the coronavirus around the world. They say that frequently forwarded” messages are messages which have been forwarded to five people or more.