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Merge 104.8  |  02 April 2020

If you head over to Sir Patrick Stewart’s Twitter feed you will see videos he’s sharing of himself reciting Shakespeare. He didn’t mention why he picked Shakespeare but the videos have had tens of thousands of retweets. He started at the beginning, with Sonnet 1 and so far is up to Sonnet 13.


YouTube is reportedly planning to launch a new video-sharing feature before the end this year which is designed to rival TikTok. The feature is called “Shorts,” and works inside the existing YouTube mobile app. That means users can make use of YouTube’s licensed music and songs. TikTok is just over two years old and has almost 2 billion downloads worldwide.


Quentin Tarantino is considering writing a ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ novel. The movie came out last year and starred Leonardo DiCaprio & Brad Pitt and taking $374 million at the global box office. The topic came up after Quentin was asked if he’d ever considered writing novel’s based on his films.