The Buzz : Everything That You Need To Know Today Nov 25th

Merge 104.8  |  25 November 2021

Movie bosses at the studio that produced the new James Bond film have hit back at reports that No Time To Die has been losing money. It recently made more than $730m at the global box office, but MGM has denied claims that the movie won’t see a profit when all costs are taken into account. It comes after Variety said that even though the film cost over $250m to produce, it needs to make around $900m to break even.


If you are considering a career change, the Queen of England is looking for a new member of staff to help respond to letters written to Buckingham Palace. The vacancy has been posted online and explains that the successful candidate will be ‘drafting a letter that someone will never forget’ and will respond to ‘thousands’ of notes sent by members of the public. It’s a full time position and candidates need to have ‘admin experience’ and ‘excellent written communication skills.


Twitter has announced a fix for its iOS app that was causing tweets to disappear while trying to be read. Now, iPhone and iPad users who update the Twitter app will be able to pause while scrolling to read a tweet, while it stays put on their timeline. Twitter is yet to announce when it would provide a fix for disappearing tweets on Android smartphones and tablets.

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