The Buzz – 3 Things You Need To Know Today

 |  21 November 2019

At the movies – Disney’s new Frozen 2 is finally out and showing across Oman. Terminator : Dark Fate with Arnold Schwarzenegger is still showing. Also, the music of George Michael and Wham! features in Last Christmas – the first of this years festive movies.


Coldplay have released a 2D animated video for “Daddy” ahead of a new album release. Everyday Life is due to come out today, November 21st. They also released a lyric video for another new song, “Champion of the World.”


A video has gone viral after a woman was caught stealing EIGHT pairs of jeans by wearing them all at once. She was filmed removing them one layer at a time, after putting them all on at the same time to try and avoid security guards. I’d be impressed she could still walk let alone run!