The Buzz – 3 Things You Need To Know Today

Merge 104.8  |  16 December 2019

The video for Wham’s Last Christmas has had a makeover. Sony Music Entertainment has now remastered the original footage in 4K Ultra HD resolution. Because the remaster is so good it looks like it was filmed in 2019 with everybody wearing clothes from the 80s. The original footage from 1984 is blurry and fuzzy but the remastered version has razor sharp detail.


It has been confirmed that two new Star Trek films are in development. ViacomCBS is say they are planning to synergize them with their television projects. How they do that is currently unknown but its good news for Trekkers.


Facebook could be prevented from making a huge change to WhatsApp. They want users of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and the messaging system within Instagram to be able to communicate with each other. The US Federal Trade Commission could ask a court to stop Facebook from allowing its apps to work closely together.