Share these school bus safety tips with your child to ensure they have a safe school year!

Merge 104.8  |  22 September 2022

1. Always wait for the bus in a safe place that is at least 6 feet away from the road. That means you should take 3 giant steps back from the curb and that is where you wait.

2. Try to arrive for the school bus at least 5 minutes early, rushing around increases your chances of getting hurt as you try to run to catch the bus.

3. When the bus arrives make eye contact with the bus driver and wait for them to let you know that it’s safe to approach the bus. Always look both ways before approach the bus.

4. If you have to walk in front of the bus to get on, be sure to stay 10 feet away from the bus so the driver can see you. 10 feet is like 5 giant steps.

5. If you drop something beside the bus, don’t pick it up, tell the bus driver first and ask for help!

6. When you get on or off the bus, wait until it’s fully stopped and the doors open. Don’t approach or stand up before then.

7. Never walk behind the school bus, buses are big so it’s hard for the driver to see all the way around them.

8. When you are on the bus it’s important not to distract the bus driver! Stay in your seat, keep your head, arms and belongings inside the bus windows and talk quietly.

9. If seat belts are available on the school bus, make sure to buckle up!