Scammers take the biscuit.

Merge 104.8  |  11 March 2020

The makers of Nabil biscuits have reported they have fallen victim to online fraudsters, resulting in a loss of over RO70,000.

Disclosed through the Muscat Securities Market (MSM),  National Biscuit Industries LTD stated that fraudulent domains of the company as well as their hardware suppliers were set up by “unauthorised” scammers.

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It added that email messages were exchanged between employees of the company and their hardware supplier through email IDs of these ‘fake domains’. U

The company then received an email alerting them of a change in bank accounts of the supplier – and following the verification of the bank documents, a payment of €160,799 (RO70,111) was made to the new account.

As per the company, the machinery received from the supplier was in ‘good working condition’.

Al Wisal reported that the supplier then informed the Omani company that they hadn’t requested a change of bank account, nor had they received any payment.

The two companies have initiated legal measures to recover the lost amount.

National Biscuit Industries LTD said that they had strengthened its internal control systems and frameworks of its IT systems to further minimise risks in the future.