Exclusive Interview with the Two Fisherman Who Went Missing and Were Later Found by Pakistani Vessel

Merge 104.8  |  20 June 2022

SABCO Media’s Al Wisal flew to Pakistan’s Karachi to interview the two fishermen, Ali al Jaafari and Salim al Jaafari, who went missing for ten days.

The two left for a fishing trip in the Sea of Oman in early June, and they were reported missing by family members a short while later.  A few days ago, the two contacted their families, and they explained that the boat they were on suffered from an engine failure, causing them to drift off into the Arabian Sea for a period of ten days.

They were then found by a Pakistani vessel, and taken to the consulate in Karachi.

The two told Al Wisal that they survived on four litres of water, and no food, for a period of ten days, before they were found. They also thanked God, the consulate in Pakistan, and His Majesty Sultan Haitham and the Omani government.

They said they had to drink small sips of water when they felt extreme thirst, in order to ensure that they had enough water to last them, adding that they were hungry, cold, scared, and thirsty.

The two are currently still at the Consulate General of Oman in Karachi, and they are expected to arrive in Muscat later today, and then later make their way home to Al Ashkhara.

Al Wisal also spoke to the Consul General, His Excellency Mohammed bin Nasser al Mabsali, who applauded Paksitani authorities and maritime officials, who helped locate the Pakistani vessel that found the two fishermen, and he added that the two were provided with medical attention and that they are doing well.