VIDEO: The Radio Star winner is…

 |  18 November 2019

TODAY we revealed who’s won Oman’s Next Big Radio Star at a special live final from ID Design at Markhaz Al Bhaja in Seeb. And the winner is… ALIFA KHAN!

Alifa has won her very own weekend show on Merge, and a fabulous new sofa from ID Design!

You can watch the moment last years winner Sharifa announced she will be joining our team here (skip 15 minutes in for the big reveal!)

Alifa told Sharifa she couldn’t believe she had won and can’t wait to get started, bringing a positive message to our airwaves. We can’t wait to hear either!

A big thank you to all our amazing finalists and all their supporters who made Oman’s Next Big Radio Star a huge success!

Previously, our finalists all had the opportunity to co-host live with us on air.

Watch Melinda with Neal here:


Earlier Sarah Khan helped Chris co-host his show this afternoon, but has she done enough to win Oman’s Next Big Radio Star? We’ll find out on Monday! Watch how she got on here:

This morning Tom was joined by Alifa Khan… who told us about something unusual! Watch that here:

Day 1 of live cohosting finished with Tariq Mohamed! You can relive it here:


Also on Wednesday Neema Prasad hosted with Chris, and you can watch it here:

Rosh Ahmed was the first of our final six to help host a real radio show in their quest to win their own in Oman’s Next Big Radio Star Season 2. We’ll find out who wins at a special LIVE event on 18th November. We’ll be LIVE from ID Design at Markaz Al Baja from 6pm. Join us there!

She was live on Wednesday morning to help host Merge Breakfast with Tom. You can watch here:

This week we revealed who will be going through to the final of Oman’s Next Big Radio Star! And the six the judges picked are ROSH, NEEMA, TARIQ, ALIFA SARAH. and MALINDA!

Here’s our chosen six:

All ten of our finalists for Oman’s Next Big Radio Star previously had a chance to go live on air with Chris Fisher. Our final six now go through to the next round where they get to co-host with us. The winner gets their own show on Merge and a OMR/-500 sofa from ID Design!

On Thursday, Nurse JACKIE amazed Chris with the number of children she has personally delivered into the world…

And airport consultant Lisa challenged Chris to take part in a triathlon! Did he accept?

Two finalists have realised that we can be bribed with cake! Find out how Alifa and Sarah got on with Chris in the studio on Wednesday.

First up was ALIFA:

Followed by SARAH:

We’ve met the 10 finalists who have been picked to go through to the next round of Oman’s Next Big Radio Star Season 2. They each got the chance to show us why they should win their own radio show on Merge!

No stranger to radio,  aspiring comedian FAHMI joined us to tell us why we should pick him:

Then it was the turn of cheeky chipmunk ROSH!

Sadly finalist Mohammed can’t continue, so runner-up NEEMA is promoted to the top 10 instead. She came in on Monday for a chat with Chris:

Along with Springboks fan MELINDA!

Chris chatted with our first two finalists and you can watch how they got on here! 

Meet “The Sleepy Guy” Tariq…

And meet Supermum Shoula!

The 10 finalists are:











Check back soon, and find out more about Oman’s Next Big Radio Star HERE!