One Person Found Dead in Jabal Akhdar After Vehicle Drifts into Wadi

Merge 104.8  |  13 February 2024

The death toll from the weather condition rose to 6, after one person was found dead in Jabal Akhdar. Rescue teams are still searching for another person who was with the deceased when the car was swept away by a wadi. 

Yesterday, three children had died in Wilayat Rustaq, after they were swept away in Wadi Bani Ghafir, and one person died after the car he was in had drifted into a wadi in Wilayat Yanqul. A woman was also found dead this morning in Wilayat Izki this morning, as a result of the weather conditions.

The ROP called on people to take their precautions and avoid crossing wadis during this period.