Omani sailor saves dolphin from fishing line

Merge 104.8  |  17 September 2020

Ahmed bin Khamis Al Wahaibi, a sailor at the Environment Authority released a dolphin that was entangled in a fishing line on Monday (September 14) in Muscat.

“I was out with my friends on a boat when we saw a struggling dolphin near the surface of the water,” Al Wahaibi told Wisal Radio. “It was caught in a nylon-made fishing line,” he said, adding that a fishing hook was stuck in its flippers.

“I had to hold it properly and untie the strings quickly,” he explained.

Al Wahaibi shared a video of the successful rescue operation which ended in releasing the dolphin back into the sea.

“Throwing fishing gear in the ocean is a crime. I have seen many bad incidents to marine animals. I have found a turtle that died because of a fishing net,” he said.