Oman ranks as least polluted Arab country

Merge 104.8  |  25 November 2019

The Sultanate has been ranked as one of the least polluted countries in Asia, with only Singapore and Japan doing better. According to, Singapore tops the list with a pollution index of 32.06, followed by Japan 36.78, Oman 37.80, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) (52.99) and Cyprus (53.75).

Air Pollution (34.33), drinking water pollution and inaccessibility (28.33), dissatisfaction with garbage disposal (32.76), dirty and untidy (23.36), noise and light pollution (39.17), water pollution (38.60), dissatisfaction to spend time in the city (26.21) and dissatisfaction with greenery and parks in the city (29.24) are low in the Sultanate.

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