Oman Condemns Inhumane Israeli Practices and Calls for Independent Investigation into their Aggressions

Merge 104.8  |  31 October 2023

Oman’s Foreign Minister, Sayyid Badr bin Hamad al Busaidi, called on the international community to carry out an independent investigation into Israeli aggressions in Gaza, which include the deliberate targeting of civilians, and the use of collective punishment by cutting off access to fuel, electricity and water.

Sayyid Badr condemned the inhumane Israeli practices, and he called on the media to do its part in conveying the facts to the public in a credible, truthful, and objective manner.

He added that it is committed to political solutions based on dialogue and the rule of international law, and he also said that Israel’s current military action is not a necessary measure for self-defense, adding that it is extremely excessive and blatantly exaggerated.

The foreign minister called for the need to develop urgent plans to provide humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, and he said that the illegal Israeli occupation on Palestinian territories since 1967, the expansion of illegal Israeli settlements, the poverty of the Palestinian population and their dependence on Israel for vital supplies, and the fact that Israeli aggressions on Palestinians are even more aggressive and cruel than ever before, are all root causes of this crisis.