Oman bans 12 fake American “universities”.

Merge 104.8  |  16 February 2020

Oman’s Ministry of Higher Education has removed the names of 12 foreign universities from its list of approved educational institutions for students in Oman who wish to study abroad.

In a statement, the Ministry of Higher Education said that its Qualifications Equivalency and Recognition arm will no longer recognize educational qualifications from students wishing to seek work in the Sultanate obtained at the following 12 alleged US institutions:

Rocheville University
Ashley University
American Mideast University
Newport University
Walesbridge University
Panworld University
Barrington University
Gibson University
Adam Smith University
Washington International University
American University of Professional Studies
Riverwood University

The above-mentioned universities are considered to be fake institutions as they do not have a physical location in the US. A further 6 institutions from other countries have also been rejected.

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