No more COVID-19 tests for minor symptoms in Oman: Specialist

Merge 104.8  |  29 July 2020

People with minor symptoms of COVID-19 will not be tested for the novel coronavirus at Oman’s public hospitals and health centres, Dr. Maryam Issa Al Kiyumi, Family Medicine Specialist told Al Wisal radio on Tuesday (July 29, 2020).

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Dr. Al Kiyumi explained that testing people with minor or moderate symptoms “would not make a major difference if the patient adhered to the quarantine measures.”

She said: “Most tests are being done for people with light symptoms and they should immediately isolate themselves at home without the need to come for testing.”

Asked if this new protocol might increase the risk of people being more negligent, she clarified that some people have been violating quarantine measures even before the new protocol.

Oman has lost more than 400 lives due to COVID-19 this far, with nearly 80,000 total cases recorded in the Sultanate.

As Eid holiday looms, the government has enforced a ban on movement all across the country from 7pm until 6am to curb gatherings and unnecessary outings.