Locust control measures underway.

Merge 104.8  |  31 March 2020

The locust population has grown across parts of Oman over the past month and is now threatening crops; however, steps are being taken to eliminate the pest before it wreaks havoc.

The Department of Agriculture and Livestock in Muscat has launched a campaign to combat desert locusts that are continuing to proliferate owing to recent rains.

This led to the spraying of pesticides in areas surrounding Wattayah today [March 30], where the locust population has been growing out of control. Three teams of technicians at the Agriculture Development Centre managed to cover an area of 18 acres using 12 litres of a special locust pesticide.

Meanwhile, in Wadi Mayh, Wilayat of Al-Amarat, and the Yiti region in the Wilayat of Muscat, three teams managed to spray 39 acres of land with 26 litres of pesticide.

The control efforts will continue across all Governorates where locust infestation is at its peak, as the insect is known to threaten local crops.

Source: Al Wisal